B-C Equipment In TX Diggs To Help Find A Cure For Childhood Cancer

Gold Digger Project B-C Equipment Dealership Texas


The Gold Digger was launched in April of 2013 with a great mission which is “Digging for Cures for Childhood Cancer.” The LBX 210 X3 is adorned with the faces of children of all ages, all back grounds and many different types of cancer. Some of these children are still in the fight of their lives; some are now healthy and in remission and some have lost their battle with cancer. A portion of each months rental of The Gold Digger will be donated for childhood cancer research and awareness. Childhood Cancer research and awareness is severely underfunded. We hope the Gold Digger, partnered with our great customers and friends, can begin to change that devastating reality. Childhood Cancer awareness month is September and their official color is gold. We believe, that together, we can make a difference. 

Our goal is to help alleviate the financial distress of families, fund cutting edge research, and bring awareness to the realities of childhood cancer. In partnership with our friends at Brooke’s Blossoming Hope for Childhood Cancer Foundation, and other organizations, we can make a difference and spread faith, love and hope along the way! We hope you will join us!!